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Amidst Pressure from the US, China Sanctions Faster Travel Permits to Visit Tibet



Amidst Pressure from the US, China Sanctions Faster Travel Permits to Visit Tibet

The new law which bans Chinese officials who deny the US citizens, journalists and other government officials to get visitors to permit to Tibet has already created a bitter row between China and America.
The U.S has been pressurizing China for providing permits and greater access of U.S officials and journalists in the highly restricted region of Tibet.
Amidst this renewed pressure from the United States, the Chinese government in Tibet announced that it will be cutting down the time taken to issue travel permits for foreign visitors in Tibet.
America’s president Donald Trump has signed the Reciprocal access to Tibet Act in December last year. This law was passed by the Congress in the United States along with the Senate. This Reciprocal act presses all countries to give equal rights to each other’s citizens.
The Chinese citizens do not have any restriction and can move freely throughout the United States however the Chinese officials greatly restrict the American citizens from visiting Tibet.
This law was rejected by China in the earlier times because during those times Washington’s interference in China’s internal affairs could impose serious harms in the ties between China and the United States.
On the other hand, China and the United States are also in talks regarding the decaying trade deal which is another reason to play a major role in hampering the relationship between the two nations. It also includes issues pertaining to human rights and security of the nation.
The new rule made by the Chinese government will make the Tibetan Government reduce the time needed to issue Tibetan permits to foreign tourists. The non-Chinese tourists need to apply for special travel permits that are usually granted for travelling to the remote mountains in Tibet only with the approved tour companies.
China also considers the fleeing of Dalai Lama, the Buddhist spiritual leader of Tibet to India a dangerous separatist move.


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