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Arab League Condemns American Stand On West Bank



No one across the Middle East is happy with America’s decision about the West Bank occupants being legitimate settlements.

No one across the Middle East is happy with America’s decision about the West Bank occupants being legitimate settlements.

Arab League foreign ministers have now denounced this American announcement. Last week, the US government had declared that it no longer considers Israeli settlements on the occupied West Bank to be a violation of international law.

The international community is stating that it feels the US has completely no respect for international laws and its action is ‘a threat to peace’.  The US has been flagged communities in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon for meddling with their internal political issues and has been asked to keep its paws out of other’s mess.

A week after this decision, the Arab League foreign ministers called for an emergency meeting in Cairo. Speaking at the meeting, the League Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit described the American decision as “unfairly biased and unacceptable.” He added that the US had forfeited its role as a neutral arbiter between Israel and the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia has rejected the US decision and position on the pressing matter over Israel’s ownership of the West Bank, making Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu’s position stronger in bringing his assertion of ‘annexation of the West Bank’.

The Arab League now wants to try and reason it out with Washington and is contemplating getting each partner nation to speak directly and independently to put more pressure to reconsider the decision to support Israel’s selfish motives.

Speaking at the meeting, Gheit has further added, that there is international consensus over the illegitimacy of the settlements. The American decision also shows the US is moving around with an individual opinion that follows the principle that power creates its own justice. “This is a dangerous, widely rejected idea that calls into question the values of anyone who adopts or defends such a principle,” Gheit added.

The Arab League described the US shift as “an extremely adverse development.” Saudi cabinet ministers have also called on the international community to ensure the protection of the Palestinian people and confront Israel for its violations of international laws. The UN human rights office has further said that the Israeli settlements remain in breach of international law, echoing a position taken by the International Court of Justice in an advisory opinion in 2004.


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