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Beijing: growth of China-Australia relations ‘unsatisfactory’




The advancement of fixing China-Australia ties, stressed over Canberra’s worries about Chinese impact in its domestic affairs, has been “unsatisfactory,” said China’s top Ambassador in discussion with the Australian diplomat. The Reuters reported.

State Councilor Wang Yi after the Bangkok meeting stated that “During the diplomatic and strategic exchanges in Beijing last November, we consented to align and reestablish China-Australia ties; however the path towards improving our relations has not been satisfactory.” The Reuters reported.

As per international media, Beijing says it never meddles in the internal affairs of another nation.

Mr. Wang states, he believed that China’s relations with Australia could be improved yet again at the earliest opportunity, as indicated by an announcement from the Chinese foreign minister.

The two nations have no history of conflict or fundamental disagreements, and their interests are exceedingly reciprocal, said Mr. Wang. The Reuters reported. China is Australia’s significant trading partners and keeping in mind that there are challenges in two-nations ties, Australia is eager to reinforce dialogue and communicate with China based on mutual regard, according to international media.


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