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Bill Morneau Finally Resigns Over Charity Probe



Bill Morneau

In a turn of events, the Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau has put in his papers after serving for five years office alongside PM Justin Trudeau. Citing reasons of difference of opinion with the PM over Covid-19 related spending, he has also announced his intentions of leaving politics to enter the race to head the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

However, in the background to his quitting office suddenly in immense pressure from the opposition parties over his alleged involvement in the We Charity scandal which has pulled the PM into controversy as well.
Till last week, the trio of Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Katie Telford, Justin Trudeau and Bill Morneau were seen standing firm by each other and supporting each other’s legitimate actions for the sake of the larger good.

Mr. Morneau has been suspected to have used family connections to have reached a lucrative deal for the government. For this, he is suspected to have indulged his family to win favours from the charity involved. We Charity was contracted to administer a payment program for the Canada Student Service Grant program. This was a $900 million volunteer program, for a contract worth $19.5 million that now stands cancelled.

Morneau’s two daughters have either worked or volunteered for WE Charity. In the parliamentary probe, he admitted that he should have rescued himself from discussions on the decision to task WE Charity with running a student grant program called the Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG).

It has been confirmed that indeed Trudeau’s family has worked for We Charity. Trudeau’s wife, brother and mother have been paid a combined $300,000 Canadian (US$221,000) to speak at a number of WE events.
Mr. Trudeau is also said to have used his family connections with the founders of We Charity as a pretext to win them the contract.

There were rumours till last week that in fact, Mr. Morneau might sacrifice his office to protect the interest of the PM, which were promptly brushed aside as ‘unnecessary and irrelevant’ by Mr. Trudeau himself.

However, recent news implicates that Mark Carney, a former governor of both the Bank of Canada and Bank of England, who has been advising Trudeau during the pandemic might have won his fancy and have further fuelled the elimination of Morneau after all.


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