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Bloomberg Shows Pocket Power To Contest Trump In 2020 Elections



Michael Bloomberg at Global Climate Action Summit

Michael R. Bloomberg is definitely serious about the Presidential campaign as he rolls out huge cash by securing a huge block of television advertising space across the nation.

In just one week, he is said to be spending at least $31 million on a week of TV commercials, breaking Barak Obama’s record spending of $25 million spending record, t the end of his 2012 reelection campaign.

Bloomberg is said to be a more powerful and well-placed billionaire businessman than Trump and has been seen as a late entry into the presidential run in the 2020 elections.  Giving out an official statement, Bloomberg’s spokesperson Jason Schechter has said, “Mike is prepared to spend what it takes to defeat Donald Trump.”  

Bloomberg is said to using a very different and influential strategy to capture the voting audience, something most of the current contenders cannot afford (literally) to do.  It is confirmed that he has reserved ad time in dozens of media markets, including some of the most expensive in the country: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, Denver, Cleveland, Phoenix, and Detroit.

The only other one with a strong pocket of spending is Tom Steyer of San Francisco, but his current poll is showing him at the bottom of the pit with merely a 1% possibility of votes.  The frontrunners currently are Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren.

While Bloomberg is spending hugely to garner last-minute support, whether this will go down well with the voting public and he will be able to fight for the American issues staring the candidacy in their face, is a question that remains unanswered.

It is confirmed that Bloomberg has filed papers to get on the Democratic primary ballots in Alabama, Arkansas, Michigan, Georgia, and Texas. He filed a statement of candidacy last week, with the Federal Election Commission, but a spokesman said it was a procedural step that strangely does not mean Bloomberg had made a final decision to run.

His advertisement spending is giving out the clear signal anyway.


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