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Bolivia’s Second Vice Speaker of the House of Senators Announces herself Acting President



Bolivia's President Evo Morales and Janine Agnes

The second vice speaker of the House of Senators of the Parliament of Bolivia, Janine Agnes, said on Tuesday that she would assume the duties of head of state after Evo Morales resigned from his post as president.  Broadcast from the parliament hall was carried out on social networks.

“I immediately assume the duties of the head of state in accordance with the constitution,” she said.

According to her, she is going to “hold elections as soon as possible.”  “We want the results of these elections, which will be held with decent, qualified and independent authorities to reflect the wishes of the people,” she added.

On November 10, Evo Morales announced his resignation from the post of president of Bolivia, calling the situation in the country a coup.  The military, the opposition and the trade unions asked him to leave his post earlier.  The resignation was also announced by Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera.

In the event of the resignation of the president and vice president, the country, according to the constitution, should be headed by the chairman of the House of Senators.  If he also leaves his post, the state is temporarily headed by the chairman of the Chamber of Deputies, but Adriana Salvierrara and Victor Borda also resigned.  The further procedure for the transfer of power is not spelled out in Bolivian laws, however Agnes previously stated that she would assume the duties of acting  President, since she should take the chair of the upper house after the resignation of Salvierrara and her first deputy.

Meanwhile, Evo Morales, who received political asylum in Mexico, condemned the decision of Senator Agnes to declare himself acting  President of Bolivia.

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