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Bolsonaro Attacks UN Human Rights Chief To Dodge Allegations Against Him



Jair Bolsonaro

In an attempt to hide his selfish agenda, Bolsonaro has aggravated his already volatile environmental catastrophe by making a derogatory remark addressed to the Human Rights Chief, Michelle Bachelet. Blosonaro lashed out against Bachelet, right outside his Brazilian residence, in front of the media accusing her of “meddling with Brazil’s internal affairs by attacking our courageous civil police and military.”

Further, Bolsonaro has attacked Bachelet, going out of his way to say that, “When you have people with nothing to do, they occupy the UN human rights chair.”

Bachelet spoke at the Geneva conference where she expressed the fact that her office was concerned by a hike in killings by police officers and by broader human rights restrictions in Brazil. It was revealed by her how her office had also documented killings not only over land disputes but also in violence between environmental activists and illegal loggers, miners and farmers in Brazil.

Coming under critical fire due to his callousness to protect his personal interest in Amazon deforestation, Bolsonaro has been put in a spot by the world’s environmental fraternity, leave alone France and Germany.

He has also accused France and Germany of “buying” Brazil’s sovereignty after the G7 group of rich democracies offered $20 million in Amazon fire aid.
Bolsonaro initially rejected the money unless Macron withdrew “insults” made against him.

The Brazilian President has found himself in a tight spot. He has now issued a nationwide 60-day ban on burning vegetation in the vast Amazon basin.

There have been allegations of Jair Bolsonaro’s alleged involvement in various manmade fires in Amazon apart from his casual approach and selfish interest in pushing for the deforestation of this world’s largest green lung.


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