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Boris Johnson heads to Northern Ireland



Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson will visit Northern Irelan on Wednesday on a tour to sell his plan to exit the EU to one of the most controversial and hard key points on Brexit as Northern Ireland is the only part of Britain that touches the EU border by land.

The EU demands a ‘backstop’, a measure to prevent border controls that would require Britain to comply with some EU rules in case there’s no trade deal with Johnson dismissing it as ‘undemocratic’ threatening to leave the bloc with no deal at all.

Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU in 2006, however, the Democratic Unionists DUP party backs Johnson.

A spokesman from the UK PM said that he will call to restore Northern Ireland’s power-sharing executive, that a key role in the 1998 Good Friday peace agreement that dismantled all border infrastructures and was suspended 2 years ago because of differences between the pro-British unionists and the Catholic nationalists.

Johnson said: “The people of Northern Ireland have now been without an executive and assembly for two years and six months – put simply this is much, much too long,” .

In the meanwhile, the pound went to its low because of Johnson’s hard stance on Brexit and the Irish government stated that is against a re-negotiation of the exit terms agreed by Britain several months ago.


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