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Boris Johnson: I will abide by the law, and confident that Britain will leave EU on the D-day



British PM Boris Johnson gives a press conference in Brussels

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has pledged that Britain will leave the EU on 31 October, whether deal or no deal concurs with the bloc, and keeping in mind that the two sides say they are keen to reach an agreement. However, there is a minimal indication of the tie being broken.

Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney cautioned on Friday that time was running out for Britain and the European Union to pound out a separation deal with Boris Johnson saying the critical point in time was approaching.

Johnson’s adversaries state that leaving the EU without an agreement to keep the more significant part of its trade arrangments in place would dive Britain into monetary disarray. The government maintains that it is prepared to avoid severe turmoil.

The EU conceded to a withdrawal package with former Prime Minister Theresa May yet this was rejected multiple times by the British parliament over the “Irish backstop” – a policy to anticipate a secure border between the British region of Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Ireland’s Coveney after a meeting with the EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier stated that negotiations must be based on a “genuine proposal” from the British on how they would supplant the Irish backstop. “That hasn’t occurred at this point, and until there is a genuine written proposal, the wide gaps will remain for the time being. Adding that the time is running out,” he told journalists.

England is going to present a written legal text on their Brexit proposal one week from now after the Conservative Party meeting.

This month, Johnson is asked to seek an extension to Brexit deadline by British lawmakers except if he concurs a new deal with the EU by 19 October. Otherwise, parliament’s endorsement to leave without an agreement would be catastrophic as per the majority of lawmakers and businessmen, the Reuters reported.

Johnson has over and again stated that he would abide by the law, which he has named the “surrender act,” however; Britain would leave on 31 October without clarifying the evident logical contradictions.

“We will comply with the law; however, we’re certain we can leave on 31 October, and an ideal way to do that is to get a deal,” Johnson told columnists on Friday.

“That is the reason the surrender act is so harming,” he included. “It has had an impact with our European companions making them think: ‘perhaps parliament can obstruct this thing, possibly they will be compelled to expand.’ If you’re in a negotiation that certainly makes it exceedingly difficult.” The Reuters reported.

Article Credit:- The Reuters/CNBC

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