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Boris Johnson is ‘poisoning our politics’, says Tory leadership rival in blistering attack



Conservative leadership contender Rory Stewart has announced a furious broadside at rival Boris Johnson , accusing the former foreign secretary of not getting honest about his Brexit offers and challenging him to discard suspending parliament to force no deal through.

Stewart stated the leadership front-runner was trying to “out-Farage Farage” with an undeliverable intend to renegotiate Theresa May’s withdrawal contract which was made to usher in no-deal Brexit but would rather trigger a disastrous general election.

“He is expressly committed to no-deal because what he is saying is ‘I will try to negotiate a different deal by 31 October with Europe and if I can’t then I will go to no-deal’,” said the international development secretary.

“Well, Europe is not giving a radically different deal by 31 October, particularly not if he is beginning negotiations by saying ‘By the way, I’m withholding the £39 billion and threatening the Irish border’.”

But Mr Stewart said that a new deal was undeliverable by October, meaning that Mr Johnson was effectively setting a course for no deal, which could only succeed if he asked the Queen to suspend parliament through a process known as prorogation” to prevent MPs from blocking it.

In a direct challenge to the former foreign secretary, Mr Stewart said: “I want Boris to answer: Will he or will he not prorogue parliament? I want him to rule it out now, and if he won’t rule it out, I want him to say he won’t rule it out. I believe I can win this entire campaign on that single fact. If this man is genuinely countenancing proroguing parliament, or even leaving it as an option, that should be the end of anybody’s candidacy.”


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