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Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro: ready to accept foreign aid for Amazon fires if Macron take back ‘insults’



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Prior on Tuesday, Jair Bolsonaro had stated, he would consider taking a $20 million proposal of help from the Group of Seven countries if French President Emmanuel Macron pulled back the “insults” against him. The Reuters reported.

Bolsonaro and Macron have been involved in a very close and open war of words as of late, with Bolsonaro comments on Macron’s wife and blaming the French president for affronting Brazil’s sovereignty.

Bolsonaro applauded Macron’s anger on Sunday when the Brazilian head reacted to a Facebook post which commented on his wife, Brigitte. To which Bolsonaro wrote “Try not to embarrass the man hahaha,”

Macron blamed Bolsonaro for misleading about environmental change policy and called the comments “incredibly rude” to his wife.

The French president’s office declined to remark. The Reuters reported.

As per international media, Brazil’s leader was feeling detached on the global summit over his reaction to the fires, which undermine what many people view as a critical barrier against global environmental change.

The right-wing government’s reaction could intimidate Brazil’s trade accords and agribusiness sector, which is an essential factor of its recession-hit economy.

“We believe that it’s not the time to turn down cash,” Flávio Dino, the governor of Maranhao state, told correspondents after a meeting in which Bolsonaro vowed to concur on a bundle of congressional measures by Sept. 5 to help avert the flood in forests fires repeat.

“The anti-environment talks could force Brazil towards international sanctions,” Dino stated.

On Tuesday, Brazil stated it was prepared to accept foreign assistance to fight fires in the Amazon forests, however, if that it could be decided how it was to be spent, apparently trying to ease over an open spat between the Brazilian and French president.

The comments by Brazil’s presidential representative Rego Barros came after governors of states in the Brazilian Amazon told President Jair Bolsonaro that they required the cash to help battle the record out of control fires on the planet’s biggest tropical rainforest.

According to Reuters, the number of fire in Brazil has soared 80% in the year to date compared with a similar period in 2018, as indicated by information from space probe agency INPE.

Around 90 km from Porto Velho, in the Amazon territory of Rondonia, according to a Reuters witness saw houses deserted because of the furious woods fires. There were irregular patches of a downpour on Tuesday, however insufficient to put out the flames, he stated.

The G7 pioneers vowed the $20 million to help Brazil after meeting, about the flames desolating the largest zone, which is also called “the lungs of the world.”

According to the international media, the proposal, which was addressed at a summit in France on Monday, has moved emotions inside Bolsonaro’s nationalist government. A few authorities are thankful for the essential support, and others see it as a colonial signal that undermines Brazil’s control of its territories.


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