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Brexit: Corbyn challenges the next PM to hold a second referendum, says the Labor will back ‘Remain’



Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Labor Party, after today’s discussion with the Trade Union, said that the Labor would campaign for Remain in future and he also challenged the following Tory leader to put the Brexit result to another referendum.

Meanwhile, the option for negotiating a better deal is open for the future party if it wins the snap general elections. Mr Corbyn challenged Boris Johnson, and if he wins the Tory polls, then they should put their confidence to propose their deal or no deal and present another referendum to the people.

Mr Corbyn said in a meeting to the BBC that he cant state what Labor’s position would be at coming general elections, yet would decide fast according to the situation and let the public decide. He included He would “make a case” to Parliament in September to get another referendum and meanwhile, the Labor will “do all that we can to take no deal off the table or stop it from damaging deal as proposed by Hunt or Johnson.

Corbyn wrote in his letter to all the members of the Labor that he is clear on his priority to secure the general elections as the country is currently facing inequality and massive imbalance in the economy. People in this country are not able to find a decent job, and the ruling government has failed to handle the global climate emergency that the whole world is facing right now though the letter didn’t mention the Labor Party position on the Brexit issue.

Ian Lavery and Jon Trickett, shadow cabinet members, showed there concerns about the view on supporting Remain in the second referendum. Meanwhile, according to Corbyn, the future challenge for the Labor party is to remain focused on the general elections and stay committed to supporting the Remain in all situations, in any referendum.


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