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Brexit: Document concludes EU not legally obliged to give trade privileges to UK




Ahead of the crucial Brexit talks scheduled for this week, an internal European parliament paper has concluded that European Union has no legal obligation to provide UK the same trade privileges as offered to other nations. 

In a document prepared by parliament officials, based on arguments of UK’s chief negotiator David Frost, he wrote a letter to his counterpart Michael Barnier. Frost has accused the EU of taking UK for granted and treating it as “an unworthy negotiating partner” and denying it of various arrangements in modern place of “free trade arrangements (FTAs)”.

The letter has deeply irritated the EU negotiators. They responded through the document “every deal is unique and any arrangement with the UK must reflect its proximity and potential to become an economic competitor undercutting European rivals.”

The popularity of Barnier and the support he has of the parliament is showcased by the latest document, although MEPs (members of European Parliament) are not a part of Brexit negotiations. Parliament is deciding party for the approval of UK – EU deal.

The document states, “The EU is not legally obliged to grant to UK the rights or trade preferences agreed with other third countries in past FTAs.” The document further elaborates the sovereignty of EU stating that it has “the right to propose the commitments that are in its interest.”

Starting Tuesday is the fourth round of Brexit negotiating that would be deciding the future of EU – UK relationship. The negotiators from both parties would be holding a meet via video link due to pandemic crisis restrictions. The discussion topics tally is 11 which includes the trading and police cooperation talks. 

The center of the increasing dispute between EU and UK, known as “level – playing field” will have to discussed over for a fair competition on accessing the EU market.

EU officials have alleged the UK of backing from promises made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in last October and negating any discussions on this topic. 


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