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Brexit Stretches Esoteric British Parliament to a Critical Situation



Brexit Stretches Esoteric British Parliament to a Critical Situation

Britain’s 800-year-old parliament has a big decision to make and is running short of time. After months of drama and deferment, the future of the nation could be decided next week in a string of Brexit votes in which legislator must choose one of two wood-panelled corridors to reorganize inside the neo-gothic Westminster palace.

Each vote, which is called a division, takes around 15 minutes. If it takes too much time, the Serjeant-at-Arms, dressed in shiny black shoes, knee-high socks and a long woollen suit will be sent carrying a ceremonial sword to examine.

Rich in magnificence and theater, Westminster’s parliamentary format has been adapted, updated and exported to more than two dozen nations across the world. However, with less than a month left for Britain to leave the European Union, which is due on 29th March the largely incorrigible template is battling to deliver on a deeply dissenting decision that has split the traditional left versus right party loyalties.

After almost two years of arduous discussions by Prime Minister Theresa May’s government, parliament emphatically dismissed the exit deal she closed with Brussels and legislators across parties are now battling hard to rule what happens next.

On 12th March, May is supposed to try again to get her deal accepted, though plenty will depend on whether she can secure extra security from Brussels about the prickly issue of Northern Ireland’s border.

In case the vote fails, May will ask the parliament on 13th March whether it wants to leave the European Union without any kind of exit deal, a likely disturbing divorce with harmful consequences for the fifth largest economy of the world.

If parliament dismisses that result as well, legislators will then decide on 14th March if they want to try to postpone Brexit, possibly opening the door to an extensive renegotiation with the EU, or go for a second poll at home.

In case the process does go for a third referendum when Speaker John Bercow would roar “Division!” and bells would ring across parliament and beyond to caution legislators to the vote, Britain could be just 15 minutes from taking its first step towards altering Brexit.


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