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Britain IS Now Ready To Decide Brexit Fate Over An Election



Britain IS Now Ready To Decide Brexit Fate

British lawmakers are going all out to support a quick election on December 12, an unprecedented move in the history of Britain. This happened when the Parliament could not come to a conclusive decision over the Brexit exit, and the House was divided over two legislation proposed by British PM Boris Johnson.

House of Commons had voted for a Brexit agreement but rejected Johnson’s timetable for passing these necessary legislation. The British PM has last week, therefore, said that the bill would be ‘paused’ for the time being and then chose the election route to find a complete solution to Britain’s exit saga from European Union.

Parties across the British political spectrum are now in for an election, which is going to decide the fate of the Brexit deal. Boris Johnson made a public statement saying, “We are left with no choice but to go to the country to break free from this impasse, and to allow us all to submit, as we must in all humility, to the judgment of the electorate.”

With the country’s Parliament divided on majority votes, rival parties pushing for the Brexit deal not to come through without a sane exit plan and EU not willing to let go off Britain without a deal either, the election is the only sane way for Britain to decide its  future.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn might have rejected Johnson’s call for elections, but the opinion polls have shown that the weighing scale is tilted towards the latter, with Johnson leading the campaign by 10 percentage points or more over Labour. To his credit goes the fact that he could secure a Brexit deal with the EU against the odds.

Looking at Johnson’s movements, after his predecessor Theresa May could not get a headway over Brexit, his election strategy has worked.

Sources within the Downing Street claim that Johnson has wanted an election for months. One could credit his Downing Street operation that is heavily staffed with advisers who helped win the 2016 Brexit referendum too.

Their strategy has been to push for a national campaign to get a mandate from voters to pass a Brexit deal through Parliament. The result is evident that the British electorate decides how Brexit is resolved over anything else.

Undeniably, now, Johnson will have to win an outright majority if he wants to see his Brexit plan through. This gamble has high stakes but then, the man in power has made some calculated moves after all.

On its part, the opposition parties could still band together to block the U.K.’s break with its biggest trade partner if he fails. In all probability, this will not happen.


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