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Britain: MPs hoping to bring back May’s Brexit deal and vote on second referendum



second referendum

MPs that are hoping to stop a no-deal are finding ways to bring back a variant of Theresa May’s Brexit deal and also a vote on the second referendum in the span of few weeks till 31 October. Meanwhile, Boris Johnson will continue to seek a no-deal to pave its way to Brexit.

According to the Guardian,  the MPs would spend the following weeks finding ways to bring back the deal as well as working towards adding concessions to Labor – via the House of Commons utilizing a backbencher or a caretaker prime minister. Currently, Tory and former Tory MPs seem open about alternatives to obtain the deal with the fresh referendum. They have a few weeks to prepare until the final Brexit d-day.

Last week, the Parliament passed a bill in which Prime Minister Boris Johnson was mandated to seek a Brexit delay ahead 31 October. Unless he strikes a deal to ease the transition, Brexit has varied options ranging from a chaotic no-deal departure to a referendum that could convert the entire situation.

According to the BBC reports, deputy party leader Tom Watson is expected to say on Wednesday, “Britain’s Labour Party should campaign opposing Brexit, and before any election, they should press on a referendum to modify its planned exit from the EU.”

As per the Guardian sources, one of the MPs, who supports the people’s vote stated that many devices could be sought to empower MPs to prepare for the resurrecting May’s Brexit deal for the Parliament.

However, MP Ken Clarke, urged Johnson last week to form a cross-party coalition to get the deal through, as he trusted it could now accomplish the lion’s share with Labor MPs who lamented having not decided in favour of it earlier.

The Parliament has over and over failed to strike a settlement, yet there are indications more opposition MPs are set up to face voting for a deal.

On Tuesday, separate cross-party members of opposition MPs officially propelled a campaign to win support for Brexit by utilizing a managed deal.

Possibilities are that Labor MPs Stephen Kinnock and Caroline Flint, former Tory MP Rory Stewart and Lib Dem MP Norman Lamb guaranteed up to 50 MPs may back the idea. Their proposal would include utilizing components of Theresa May’s Brexit enactment as the reason for an agreement. Also, Boris Johnson could lead through Parliament, potentially in time before the 31 October deadline.

Those favoring a second referendum would attempt to revise any proposition for a deal to acquire a “people’s vote.”

A few MPs who bolster the peoples’ vote campaign stated an expanding number of Tory MPs were ready for a corroborative referendum. Sir Oliver Letwin, who spoke to the BBC’s Today program on Tuesday said, I believe it’s obvious there’s a colossal number of Labor MPs, Liberal Democrat MPs, SNP MPs, who might decide in favor of any sensible deal directed to a referendum and I believe there’s currently an expanding number of Conservatives and ex-Conservatives who might also think the same.”

As per international media reports, Few Labor frontbenchers would be skeptical on voting on any deal that was not consulted by a Labor prime minister. It could lead to pressure on many MPs and members to agree if it accomplished a second referendum.

Any such moves would build stress on Johnson to get the deal through with the EU and on Eurosceptic Tories to support him instead of gambling a second referendum.

Article Credit:- The Guardian/BBC/Reuters

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