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Britain Will Have Stricter Rules For Terrorism Crime Offenders



British PM Boris Johnson

British PM Boris Johnson has stated that the government is going to make fundamental change in dealing with the way people convicted with terrorism related crime are dealt with. The whole idea of mercy seems like a far cry when the case of Sudesh Amman comes to light. Amman was jailed in 2018 for having found in possession of terrorist documents and disseminating terrorist publications.

He was later shot dead when he went on a knife stabling spree, just a few days after he was set free half way through his prison term. Amman had a radical point of view. He is said to have instigated his girlfriend to behead her parents. He is known to have previously praised the Islamic State militant group and also shared an online al Qaeda magazine.

In a public statement, the interior minister Priti Patel has stated that there would now be legislation in place, to end the early release of counter-terrorism offenders from prison. It has been reported that in fact the prison services are not well equipped to handle and rehabilitate terrorism offenders.

Amman was all of 17 and continued to spread extremist views via internet. He had come under surveillance in April 2018, when he posted an extremist magazine online, and went onto to say that in Koran, raping women was legitimized.

There has been a worldwide debate ongoing over the possibility of rehabilitation of terrorism survivors and those holding extremist views. For one Britain, Germany and even France have been weary of even taking back their own, who had been involved in jihadist activity in various parts of the world. Some of these are survived by wives and children, who have nowhere to go as their own countries are unwilling to accept them.

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