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Britain’s MP Strongly Supports Brexit Delay



British legislators voted massively on Thursday to pursue a deferral in Britain’s exit from the European Union (EU), lay the groundwork for Prime Minister Theresa May to revive attempts to get her divorce deal accepted by the parliament next week.

Legislators approved by 412 votes to 202 a motion setting out the option to demand the EU for a short postponement if parliament can concur on a Brexit deal by 20th March, or a longer postponement if no deal can be consented in time.

The vote makes it probable that the 29th March departure date set down in law, which May has frequently stressed, in all likelihood to be missed, although it is uncertain by how long.

The short defer expected in the motion might last until 30th June, but the longer extension is not presently time-limited. Either would need agreed consent from the other 27 EU members, whose leaders would be meeting in a summit next Thursday.

May wishes the danger of a long delay will pressurize Brexit supporters within her Conservative Party and members of the Democratic Unionists, the small Northern Irish party that upholds her minority government in parliament, to support her deal at the third effort.

A new poll on May’s deal is going to take place possibly next week, when those legislators must decide whether to support a deal they feel does not provide a clean split from the EU, or dismiss it and accept that Brexit could be weakened or even stopped by a long delay.

May’s spokesman stated that ministers had assented to “redouble their resolution” to secure a deal.

Earlier on 14th March, Thursday, legislators voted by 334 to 85 against a second poll on EU membership. Few opponents lawmakers supported the measure and even protestors for a “People’s Vote” stated that the time is not yet right for parliament to poll on it.

Well, the government narrowly avoided an endeavor by legislators to grab the agenda on 20th March with the goal of compelling a discussion of different Brexit options – possibly restricting May’s preference when she would be taking her case for delay to the EU.


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