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British PM Johnson Appeals to Merkel to shift stand on Brexit




British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is scheduled to meet German Chancellor Angela Merkel in order to convey that until she is in agreement on changes in the Brexit deal, Britain would depart from the EU without any deal.

Former German Ambassador Thomas Matussek informed that the German Chancellor will not submit into the demands from Britain which ask for the removal of Irish backstop from the Brexit divorce deal as she aims to keep away from a possible conflict among the members of EU.

As claimed by Matussek, Angela Merkel will never “throw Ireland under the bus” by saying yes to the removal of backstop from Brexit withdrawal agreement. He, however, hinted that Merkel will give the British PM a ray of hope by extending to make changes in the details of the political affirmation.

This comes more than three years after the UK picked to depart from the European Union, it still remains unsettled as to on what label or if at all will the second largest economy of the bloc exit the club it became a part of in 1973.

Johnson is pressuring with a threat of ‘no-deal’ over Brexit hoping it will force Merkel and the French President Macron to make a turning point serving his demands and benefits in the form of the last-minute Divorce deal.

On the other hand with just about 10 weeks remaining for the UK to exit, the EU has constantly made its stand clear that no renegotiation will be considered in the Withdrawal Agreement and it will continue to stand by Ireland.

Merkel also clarified that she would consider “practical solutions” regarding the Irish border insurance policy but the removal of backstop that Johnson demands are impossible.

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