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‘British PM’s suspension of parliament is unlawful’ says Scotland’s civil court



Scotland's civil court

On Wednesday, Scotland’s civil court decided that Johnson was attempting to stop parliament holding a session ahead of Brexit was unlawful.

Anti-Brexit lawyer Jolyon Maugham QC, who was a solicitor in the case, said he believed the outcome of the ruling was that “parliament is no longer suspended.”

According to the Reuters, UK government representative stated: “We are baffled by the present ruling and will challenge it in the UK Supreme Court,” “The UK government needs to present a solid domestic legislative plan. Proroguing Parliament is the lawful and fundamental method for conveying this.”

However, Johnson said on Wednesday that he wished to continue with his plans in developing the nation and he will do his best to deliver Brexit.

The suspension of parliament started in the long early hours of Tuesday and is due until October 14.

Johnson asserts that with this move, the UK has obtained ample time to prepare, and work out an exit plan from the EU before October 31. Brexit will be delivered, ‘no ifs, no buts.’

Until the due hearing at the Supreme Court in London is complete one week from now, the current verdict won’t be implemented.

Opposition lawmakers, however, demanded that the government must recall parliament. Legislators were sent home this week in spite of the protests.

On Wednesday, British Conservative politician Andrea Leadsom stated that the government was negotiating actively with the EU to “expel the backstop from the withdrawal accord.”

The Irish backstop would guarantee ease at border checks between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, which is a part of the EU.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer stated that “He urged the Prime Minister to promptly recall parliament so we can discuss this judgment and determine what the next step is.” The AP news reported.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that her legislature would work until the “very last day” to guarantee the UK systematically leaves the EU, yet maintained that her nation was prepared for a no-deal Brexit too. “The government will work until the last day to guarantee that is conceivable,” she said on Wednesday.

According to The Independent, An administration official at 10 Downing Street stated that parliament would be prorogued until the pending Supreme Court verdict comes out on Tuesday.

In the recent update by the Reuters, is that, the latest verdict on the suspension of parliament by Scottish civil court led to accusations on the PM, that his government misled the Queen; which Boris Johnson “strongly denies.”

Article Credit:- The National/The Reuters/ The Independent/AP news


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