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British writer: Erdogan is “crazy”.



Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

The British newspaper “London Free Press” published an article by a British writer called “Gwen Dyer”, in which she said that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has turned from a competent statesman to a “crazy” president because of his love and support for extremist terrorist groups, led by the “ISIS” terrorist organization.

The author noted that Erdogan has worked long to keep the Turkish border open so that thousands of foreign fighters and their families can join “ISIS” after providing them with all the support and shelter, and also pointed out that Turkish forces have recently been stationed in the Idlib province of Syria, which is controlled by terrorist organizations. As the “Al Qaeda” organization.

She added that the Turkish army in Idlib, northern Syria, is shooting directly at the Syrian army, backed by Russia, in an attempt to control the country, denouncing the statements of the Turkish government at a press conference held at Ataturk Airport, “Our army killed about 30 or 35 Syrian soldiers, according to preliminary information, the Turkish artillery still responds to the bombing of our soldiers in Idlib until the moment. “

It also condemned Erdogan’s blatant interference in Libya and his support for the government of national reconciliation that is controlled by extremist groups in the capital Tripoli against the forces of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar who controls most of the country, and sent Turkish forces to support the government that is not approved, pointing out that most of the Turkish forces that Erdogan recently sent are the same forces that led the Turkish invasion of Syria.

And Erdogan has not finished yet, as he has also violated the Greek airspace with his planes, and entered into a dispute with Greece and Cyprus over oil and gas reserves in the eastern Mediterranean. Athens has demanded the demilitarization of 16 Greek islands near the Turkish West Coast, which makes them It is also vulnerable to the Turkish invasion.

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