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CBI – EU must prepare for a no-deal Brexit



EU members

The CBI said that the EU is less prepared than Britain for a no-deal Brexit and this could leave UK’s firms at a disadvantage and could weaken the future trade talks.

The report states that “The combination of the EU and UK’s different approaches creates an imbalance, where EU goods and services exports will have easier access to the UK than UK goods and services exports will to the EU,”. They went on adding that “From the business perspective, the UK has taken the more responsible approach, but it has also put the UK in a position of relative weakness for negotiating with the EU in the future.”

Also, the EU should recognize the UK’s trusted trader scheme, as it does with several other countries.

Boris Johnson has reiterated that he wants a new deal or the UK is going to leave the EU without a deal but Brussel said that the only deal is the one made last year by Theresa May, UK’s former prime minister. CBI stated that a no-deal Brexit would disrupt thousands of British companies in 24 of 27 sectors, especially the smaller ones and proposed contingency measures, including the call to put the civil service back immediately.


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