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Chaos takes over streets of Britain as parliament suspension sets in



parliament suspension

On Tuesday, UK Parliament suspension begins for the next five weeks, ending on October 14. Some of the lawmakers protested against the suspension by holding up sheets reading ‘Silenced’ and chanting ‘shame on you.’

It can be considered as Johnson’s masterstroke amid the three back to back defeats he faced over his ‘do or die’ Brexit plan.

It is not unusual for the ruling party to suspend the parliament, as it gives them time to schedule a Queen’s Speech to introduce a new legislative programme. It is the length and timing of the suspension, which made it appear unlawful.

John Bercow, the Speaker of House of Commons, while expressing his concern over the country’s parliament suspension said, “this is not a standard or normal prorogation. It’s one of the longest for decades and it represents an act of executive fiat.”

The last parliamentary session before suspension ran till early hours of Tuesday, where the law blocking no-deal Brexit became a law. Besides, in the session the lawmakers also demanded the government to submit a detailed report of its private communications over its Brexit plans by Wednesday and dismissed UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s call for a snap election for the second time.

Johnson proposed early elections, as in his opinion it would dissolve the ongoing Brexit impasse in the house. Johnson claimed that he would take Britain out of European Union on the scheduled date of 31 October, with or without a deal. The UK lawmakers objected to his call for Brexit in case of no-deal, as they believe it would be catastrophic for the country and its economy.

On Monday, during his visit to Dublin, Johnson accepted that a no-deal Brexit “would be a failure of statecraft”, and if happens he would share the partial blame for it. He added that, though his government has been striving and was positive of striking a deal with EU by 18 October, i.e. when the member nations of the bloc would hold its next summit in Brussels. Johnson’s claims were flattened by a statement by EU officials, involved in the negotiations of the deal. EU officials said that Britain has not produced any significant proposals to replace the contentious Irish “backstop”.


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