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Charter flights to redistribute migrants – Italy minister



Enzo Moavero Milanesi, Italian foreign minister, said that the EU should use charter flights to carry migrants that are fleeing their home countries.

Migrants asking for asylum should apply at EU centers outside the continent and, those who are eligible should be flown in by charter flights.

He added that migrants keeing asylum don’t want to remain in Italy or Greece, but they look at inland Europe, so there’s a need for a mutual solution as the migrants should be distributed in all the states on ‘objectives and clear criteria’. Other bloc states included Germany, have called for a redistribution ‘coalition’, infact, Germany’s Heiko Maas said that Germany would be willing to make a contribution to the alliance and bring in a share of the akylum seekers.

However, Germany’s proposals were rejected by Austria: ‘“the distribution of migrants across Europe had failed”.

A lot of major charities included Oxfam, accusad the EU governments of being the cause for the death of more than 5300 people that tried to cross the Mediterranean sea to Italy.


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