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Chilean President Angers Disgruntled Crowd Further



President of Chile Sebastian Piñera speaks to the press after the G20 Leader's Summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina,

Chilean President Sebastian Pinera has got his foot in his mouth as he made an unsavory comment that all the videos doing on social media claiming violence at the hands of police are false.

Chile has been under fire by civilian unrest that has been rocked by riots over inequality. Pinera has made comments over “many” videos on social media of police abuse of demonstrators were “fake news,” and unrest was being fomented by foreign governments.

He has termed the whole social media paraphernalia as a “gigantic” disinformation campaign with videos circulating on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that had been “filmed outside of Chile or misrepresented.”

Civilians took to the roads and beat down their pots and pans to revolt and shout slogans against the government which was met by a massive police deployment that met the crowd with water cannons and tear gas.

Chileans have been raising a hue and cry against the raise of subway fare of the Santiago Metro, the increased cost of living, privatization and inequality prevalent in the country. The civil disobedience is majorly against the inequality amongst the various strata. According to the 2018 government study undertaken, the richest Chileans had an income nearly 14 times greater than the poorest. Chile is the most unequal of OECD (The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries, with an income gap that’s about 65% higher than the OECD average.

Pinera’s reaction comes as a result of political opposition, human rights organizations and activist groups that have blamed Pinera for failing to act more quickly on widespread claims of rights abuses by security forces policing the protests.

Civil disobedience seems to have become the wave of change that has gripped many countries. These include Lebanon, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq and India as well.

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