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China forewarns US, UK to stay out of unrest in Hong Kong



Protest against extradition law in Hong Kong.

A Chinese Government-owned newspaper forewarned the US and UK that neither of the countries will be permitted to intervene in the developing agitation in Hong Kong following recent protests by demonstrators calling for larger international support.

Last weekend’s fresh protests marked 15thstraight weekend of protests by anti-government demonstrators in the partially sovereign region. The unrest began as growing opposition to a disputable extradition bill and turned into an extended anti-Beijing movement with demonstrators including activists demanding an end to China’s legal and political intrusion on the erstwhile British colony.

The agitation has developed into constantly rising violence over the recent weeks with the security forces frequently having to use batons, rubber bullets, water cannons, tear gas and pepper spray to diffuse the crowd whereas the protesters, on the other hand, have taken to shields, helmets, rudimentary weapons and also Molotov cocktails in order to protect themselves against the Police.

The US and UK diplomats have gained special attention in the protests over the recent weeks. People in thousands are seen flooding the streets waving American and British flags around the offices demanding for US and UK to take initiative to condemn the governments of Beijing and Hong Kong for their inhumanely violent methods to defeat the demonstrations.

Various protesters were seen showing placards appealing to the American lawmakers to roll out the Honk Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act which would give the US the access to larger means to back Hong Kong’s freedom and sovereignty. Such actions among demonstrations gave rise to unrest in China leading to the Communist Party stating that the agitation is an internal issue and the international opponents must not intervene.

One of the editorial columns in the China Daily, a newspaper owned by the Beijing government’s propaganda department mentioned that “ consulate protests showed that the activists are nearing their wit’s end.”

It further added, “ It looks like the US, with its ‘all-weather friend’ across the Atlantic, that cannot even manage to sweep the Brexit mess of its own making is hell-bent on doing something stupid, as usual, given the way it has rolled out the red carpet for secessionist Joshua Wong in New York and Washington.”


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