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China and Japan Coordinates to Declunearize North Korea



China and Japan Coordinates to Declunearize North Korea

The foreign ministers of Japan and China agreed to work together in negotiating with North Korea and ask it to do away with its nuclear program and weapons. The coordinated work is being seen as a positive and improved cooperation between the two largest economies of Asia.


After meeting the foreign minister of China, Wang Yi, Taro Kono (the foreign minister of Japan) told the reporters, the relevant resolutions of the Security Council must be enforced to make North Korea abandon its nuclear weapon in an irreversible way. Wand visited Japan after 8 years when there are speculations going on that, the two parts of the Korean Peninsula might meet in a summit which will be followed a summit between the North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un and President Donald Trump. In the meantime, China and Japan are trying to improve their relationship.


Both the foreign ministers of China and Japan are trying to improve the ties between the two countries by promising more visit by the top leaders from both the sides.The high profile visits will be starting from the next month. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will be visiting Japan to attend the trilateral summit involving Japan, South Korea, and China. South Korean president Monn Jae-in will be attending the summit.


The relation between China and Japan has been bitter for the last 40 years. In 2012, the Japanese government purchased the disputed islets near Taiwan, which sparkled demonstrations by the Chinese. It damaged trade and raised fear of military clashes in the region. Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe had also tried to improve ties with China since he took to the office.


President Abe has finally been successful in hitting an agreement with the Chinese President Jinping Xi on the infrastructural and trade initiative of the Belt and road program.


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