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China stops US companies that sell arms to Taiwan



China’s foreign ministry said that the government and Chinese companies will stop making deals with US firms that sells arms to Taiwan and this can worsen the relationship between the two countries as Taiwan is one of the key sensitive points in the relations between China and the United States.

China considers Taiwan as own territory and has always used hard measures to bring the asian nation under its control.

China said last friday that will sanction all the US firms that will keep selling weapons to Taiwan, as the US State Department has approved the sale of weapons requested by Taiwan just last week, worth 2.2 billion dollars in tanks, missiles and related equipment. China called this deal a violation of international law and a harm to China’s sovereignty and national security. No further details were provided by the foreign minister.

People’s Daily of the Communist Party posted a list with the US companies that could be hit by the sanctions as Honeywell International Inc and Gulf stream Aerospace.

This could further strain the difficult relations between China and the US that are already fighting a trade war on imports.

The US is required to assist Taiwan by the law to help the nations with the supplies of arms, a thing that has already been made by France, who sold fighter jets to Taiwan.


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