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China warns UK politicians to avoid rash statements on Hong Kong



UK politicians

China’s envoy to the UK has blamed British ministers for displaying a “colonial attitude” when they show support for the protestors in Hong Kong or raise concerns about Huawei or freedom of the route in the South China Sea. 

Liu Xiaoming said that the British MPs are free to show their emotion about the Hong Kong crisis; however, expected to understand there were limits. Critical remarks were not an issue “as long as you don’t meddle in Hong Kong’s affairs,” he stated. 

At the same press briefing, China’s military attache in the UK, Maj Gen Su Guanghui, told that Royal Navy’s Queen Elizabeth warship or aircraft carrier could confront an armed response if it cruised through disputed waters in the South China Sea. 

Liu also stated that some UK lawmakers “still have a colonial outlook” and contended it was an issue if they made “rash comments to show support” for the demonstrators in Hong Kong. 

Reacting to the Chinese official’s comments, a UK government representative said that Britain was focused on asserting the rights of freedom of navigation. “The UK has interests in the region and is focused on keeping up national security. The presence of international naval forces in the South China Sea is common, and the Royal Navy is not an exception.” the Guardian reported.

Since Britain had handed over Hong Kong to China in 1997, Hong Kong continues to be clutched by the worst crisis. Protests that started against the recently dropped extradition bill have transformed into demands for greater democracy. The Guardian reported.

Liu Xiaoming also said that China had not hindered sending in its forces – which are practising near the border to suppress the agitation in Hong Kong if they couldn’t keep control of the region in the future.

“If the protest becomes ungovernable for the Hong Kong SAR [special administrative region] government, China can’t neglect this or sit and watch. Hong Kong is a part of China. We can’t continue to see this violence endlessly,” Liu stated. 

Chinese authorities are doubtful that the UK would want to give Hong Kong residents the privilege to move to the UK on account of the numbers included. Around 3 million individuals hold a British national passport, which allows the beneficiaries to travel visa-free to the UK but no rights of residency. 

At the press briefing, the officials also issued a notice that they didn’t wish to see a repeat of an episode in November wherein the HMS Albion cruised near the disputed Paracel Islands in the South China Sea and was blamed by China for entering its regional waters – a claim dismissed by the UK. 

Su demonstrated there would be a military reaction if a British warship cruised into its China’s waters. “If the US and UK join hands in a test or disregarded the sovereignty and territorial integrity of China, then there will be a counter-reaction,” he stated. 

Liu furthermore stated that if the UK chose to restrict Huawei from providing technology for its 5G mobile network, as mentioned by the US on security instructions, Britain would confront financial consequences. 

“If in case the UK closes all doors on Huawei, UK will lag around one year and a half. It will send an unfortunate message to Chinese business. The UK is regarded as open and business-accommodating. However, this would harm the UK’s image and damage business relations,” he stated.

Article Credit:- The Guardian/The Reuters


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