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Chinese embassy cautions Canada to stop interfering in Hong Kong’s matter



China & Canada

‘China’s embassy in Ottawa alerted Canada on Sunday to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs one day after the nation announced a joint statement with the European Union in defense of the “common right of assembly” for Hong Kong residents.

A lot of anti-government demonstrators gathered calmly in Hong Kong on Sunday in the 11th week of what have usually been violent protests in the Asian economic center.

After the Sunday night demonstration, Chyrstia Freeland Canadian Foreign Minister and EU international strategy boss Federica Mogherini stated: “Fundamental opportunities, including the privilege of assembling peacefully … must be maintained.”

The Canada-EU statement likewise stated concerns about the heightening of violence and inspired engagement by all fronts to ease strains.

The Chinese embassy said in an announcement on its site that Canada should “immediately quit intruding in Hong Kong issues and China’s interior affairs.”

“Under the present circumstance, the Canadian side ought to be careful on its words and deeds concerning the Hong Kong related matter,” the announcement from an anonymous “representative” for the Chinese consulate in Canada stated.

“The relevant rallies and marches in Hong Kong have just weakened and advanced into sheer violence. In front of such serious agitation and aggression, no administration with a sense of duty would sit calmly by,” the report stated.

Canada’s foreign minister had no prompt reaction. Canada has around 300,000 citizens living in Hong Kong, the ministry stated.

Canada has been rapt up in a diplomatic debate with China since Canada’s detainment of Chief Finance Officer of Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, Mr. Meng Wanzhou on a U.S. warrant in December. Soon after Meng’s arrest in Vancouver, China arrested two Canadian men, who were supposed to be released. China has likewise blocked imports of some Canadian products.

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