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Over Climate Change Environmental Groups Would Be Taking France to Court



Environmental groups, such as Greenpeace and Oxfam have registered an unusual court action against the French government, blaming it of faulty policy actions to deal with climate change.

The groups pursue to coax the Paris Administrative court to compel the government to employ its own policies, like the multi-year energy plan, also known as the PPE, and international agreements, such as the 2015 Paris Climate accord.

Cecile Duflot, a former minister and current Executive Director of Oxfam France stated that the state is not living up to obligation it has made itself, chiefly in the context of the Paris agreement of 2015.

The court action is supported by an online plea signed by over 2 million people and is backed by other NGOs, such as the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, developed by a former minister and acclaimed environmentalist who quitted from President Emmanuel Macron’s government last summer over slow development on climate change goals.

A Greenpeace statement stated that France was on the wrong path in terms of restricting its radiation of greenhouse gases that been on the rise since 2015.

French Environment Minister Francois de Rugy dismissed that the government was pulling its feet, adding that the court action won’t lead to diminishing of greenhouse gas emissions.

A draft energy and climate law that was scheduled to be submitted to the cabinet this week has been delayed so that it can be redo with more aggressive environmental goals.


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