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Constitutional Crisis Deepening in EU Amid Pandemic Woes



The European Union

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic outbreak and the ongoing economic fallout, the European Union is struggling to bring its leaders to a consensus on the response action against the crises. In spite of being one of the most advanced regional organizations, the EU has been facing difficulties in overcoming the political challenges posed by the global Coronavirus pandemic in the long run. It’s clumsiness and lack of a uniform approach in dealing with the spread of COVID-19 disease has intensified the mess.

Two of its member states – Hungary and Poland have been undermining democratic order and the rule of law, posing a lethal threat to the core of the European Union. Exploiting the pandemic crisis, Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has acquired more power than any other politician in the region in the past few months. Germany and the EU have been going through a legal power struggle that poses a potential threat to the Euro. The European Commission has already threatened to sue the Germany government after its top court questioned the legality of the European Central Bank’s bond-buying program.

According to a report by Freedom House, democracy is weakening across Central and Eastern Europe, pointing out that the European Union is failing to stand up for basic democratic values. The study states that democracy is slipping away in Poland and Hungary. 

On May 9, the European Union celebrated the 70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration which laid the foundation of the present day 27-member (27 excluding the United Kingdom following Brexit) bloc. Taking note of the constitutional crisis that the region is seemingly facing, there is a need for the European Union member states to work towards deepening the democratic norms in the bloc. 

Experts have contended for a deeper reform within the EU in order to tackle the ramifications of the health crisis. Until unless there is a democratic composition into the decision-making regarding the long-term EU budget, there is a profound risk of deepened tensions and divisions within the bloc. In the geopolitical discourse, it is being argued that the Coronavirus pandemic can affect the political regimes, subsequently changing the face of the EU.


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