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Coronavirus Scare: White House Members Test Positive, Officials Fear Spread in West Wing



White House

With two senior White House officials being tested positive for Coronavirus, Trump administration is fast forwarding its attempts to contain the infection within White House. 

As Katie Miller, chief spokesperson to Vice President Mike Pence and one of the personal valets to President Donald Trump tested positive for the infection, three top officials in the administration are being reported to go into 2 week self-quarantine protocol. These officials are stated to be the only members at the frontline of precautionary protocol in the White House. Few other close aids to the tested officials are however continuing to report to work. 

West Wing being a small space bustling with important officials of administration and press team is at high risk of infection spread.

Kevin Hassett, a top economic advisor to President Donald Trump said on Sunday on “Face the Nation” program on CBS, “It is scary to go to work.” Mr. Hassett reported that though he wears mask to work and follows all the safety measures against the coronavirus, he feels that he would be safer and at ease if he were staying at home rather than bustling through the West Wing.

As two of the members of White House tested positive, the administration has ramped up its combat against the infection spread by encouraging more people to work from home and advising the ones at work to wear masks and keep up their sanitization game. There is also rigorous screening protocol being followed at the White House complex entry.

It is still not clear as to how many people came in close contact with Ms. Miller and President’s valet, the sources are suggesting that most of the close contacts are still coming to work. This might pose a hurdle in controlling the infection spread in West Wing, sources said. 

Post the positive result of his valet, President Trump said that he would be getting himself tested for the virus every day, just to be on the safer said. On the other hand, Vice President Mike Pence said on late Sunday that he has been tested as negative for the virus and is planning to continue coming to White House. He further said that he would not practice self-quarantine and also would not alter his routine. 


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