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Coronavirus: What are the federal government guidelines for re-opening the United States?



Coronavirus: What are the federal government guidelines for re-opening the United States

On Friday, U.S. President Donald Trump introduced the guidelines for re-opening the United States of America. In the press briefing, he stated that the re-opening would be in Three Phases as per the advice of the Public Health experts.

These Three Phases will help the American people to resume work and also help save lives. It is a gradual process, and there are no proposed dates yet, Trump added. The Three Phased guidelines are called “Opening Up America Again”.

On Thursday, Trump spoke to all governors of the states, drawing suggestions for each state to re-open, keeping in mind several factors. President Trump insisted that the state governors would be taking the call to re-open their states, with help from the federal government. Firstly, all the states would have to meet the Gaiting Criteria before proceeding to the Phased Opening.

The Gaiting Criteria’s includes:-
The 50 states require having a “downward trajectory” of influenza-like illnesses and “dip” in positive COVID-19 cases within fourteen days and robust testing is a must.

More promptly they need to set up safe and efficient screening places, contact tracing, and guarantee sentinel surveillance sites to test asymptomatic people.

Moreover, lastly, the state hospitals must be equipped with PPE, adequate ventilators, and medical supplies, in case of any surge in coronavirus cases. Plus, more safety protocols.

The common denominator in all the Three Phases is “maintaining personal hygiene” and following “social distancing protocols”.

In Phase One:- Employees should continue work from home. Bars should remain closed, eateries, holy places, movie halls, and gyms can re-open with physical distancing protocols. Schools should remain shut. Doctors can do elective operations. The elderly care homes and hospitals should narrow down the number of visitors. People should travel only when unavoidable.

The states that are without a spike in new cases can gradually move to Phase Two: – schools can re-open, and remote working should be encouraged. Gyms, Eateries, and bars can resume work but with limited entries. Not more than 50 people should gather in a group, and non-essential travel can resume.

In Phase Two, states, where no rebound coronavirus cases are reported, can proceed to Phase Three:- Large gatherings will be allowed but with strict physical distancing protocols. Senior citizen care homes and hospitals could resume, as usual, NPR reported.

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