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Countries WorldWide Are Questioning Qatar Involvement in Terror Financing



Countries like UK, Austria, UAE, Bahrain to name a few, are now openly questioning and criticizing Qatar’s involvement in terror financing. The recent case of glaring loopholes that have emerged in the UN sanction enforcement procedures has left everyone feeling extremely vulnerable about global security.

The UN sanction enforcement procedures was compromised to the benefit of terrorist groups, and was exploited to extract funds from various sources, especially through Qatar National Bank and its subsidiary branches. This was reported by the Wall Street Journal recently.

The terror militia had easily access bank accounts that are supposed to be frozen, Reuters and various other media reported this recently.

Amongst others, the most significance to come to light is Khalifa Al-Subaiy, a Qatari banker, who continues to function from Qatar, without any government control over him. It has been revealed that he was instrumental in providing financial support to 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Subaiy has been withdrawing up to $10,000 at a time from his “frozen” account at Qatar National Bank, something which is completely unbelievable. This, it is said, he has been doing, supposedly, to meet essential living expenses, which actually has been utilized to finance terrorism. A quick look on Subaiy’s Instagram account will find him posting clear support for terrorist militants in Syria. His alliances are open and he is not hiding that either.

In the past, Qatar National Bank has been in news for a grave data leak incident which had left UK, Poland and French governments extremely worried.

Trent Telford, CEO of Covata, the data security company had then spoken in the media and said that while the size of the leak is relatively small, the signifiance of the names involved is large. The leak, “raises two serious questions; why such sensitive information wasn’t encrypted and why didn’t the bank have the relevant access controls in place?”

While the Qatar National Bank had made a public statement that the data leak did not affect any of its customers, it had left the Polish, French and British governments jittery of sensitive data reaching the wrong hands.

No wonder Qatar’s financial actions are raising a fear in Europe and US together. It is known that recently, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in UK, responsible for all economic and financial issues, equivalent to the role of finance minister have

started to investigate the  involvement  of Qatar National Bank owned by the State of Qatar in using UN loopholes to finance blacklisted terrorists.

Qatar is now under clear focus, and will have to give some clear answers to the world at large.


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