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Deadline on immigration deal approaches for Mexico




According to Mexico authorities, the country has done a lot of progress to reduce the migration flow to the US border and as part of the deal with the US, is hoping that Donald Trump will remove the tariff threats on exports from the Central American country.

Trump said in June that if Mexico does its part on fighting the illegal migration the two countries will begin to negotiate on changing the asylum rules, making the seekers apply in Mexico and not the US.

Mexico has managed to avert the ‘safe third-country’negotiation with the US and Mike Pompeo acknowledged the efforts and the results achieved with a cut on apprehension on the southern border by a third. However, he stated that ‘there’s still a lot of work to do’.

Mexico has deployed its National Guard to on the border with the US to discourage the illegal crossing and to avoid US pressure to formally accept the safe third country status.


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