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Democrats Take Virginia By A Storm



Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia, USA

Democrats are ruling the roost everywhere and this is good news for America’s future. For one the win in Virginia is now going to open doors for debate and change for the most pressing issues for the American population- pass new gun-control laws and fight for higher minimum wage.

With Trump’s rule, this had become next to impossible, not to mention a host of other issue which were being opposed and sidelined by the Republicans.

In Virginia, Democrat will now have unified control over the Chambers and governor’s office. In Kentucky too, the Democrat candidate has made a win by the skin of his teeth, but the power rests on this side of the fence.

For the first time in 26 years, the Democrats have also secured a win in Richmond, wresting the House of Delegates and Senate from the GOP and securing across-the-board political control.

Due to the levels of campaigning and moolah being rolled out in Virginia, the win there is being treated as a litmus test of the future of the nationwide 2020 elections and also sets the tone of the nation. It seems the Democrats are resonating the thought of what America is looking for- gun control, investing in clean energy, affordable health care, combating climate change and increasing access to quality education for all children.

It is no surprise then that big sounding words and showoff is going to pay off anymore. Speaking out truthfully, Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee President Jessica Post rightly pointed out that while her group spent more than $1.5 million to help swing the races, the results were not entirely dependent on who was spending more.

“While Republicans floundered under the albatross of Trump, Democrats focused on the issues that matter most to voters,” she said. “Our candidates were united in protecting health care expansion, passing common-sense gun safety and investing in schools.” Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam had tried to bring a special session to pass a gun control bill in July this year, after the harrowing incident of mass killing in Virginia. But the GOP led legislation let down the common voter and the decision now shows the swing to Democrats, who are supporting the same issue, without any further ado.


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