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Dominic Cummings blames Philip Hammond for purposely ignoring no-deal preparations



Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson’s adviser Dominic Cummings has blamed Philip Hammond for purposely attempting to prevent the preparations for a no-deal Brexit as chancellor.

Cummings said in a meeting of Downing Street advisors that Philip Hammond and Greg Clark had “effectively disappointed” work to prepare the UK for no-deal Brexit. They did not desire Britain to be able to exit the European Union without an agreement. Cummings also insisted that they neglected Brexit plans for personal political profit because they did not desire to exit without a deal. International media reported.

Hammond and Clark left the Government after Theresa ‘May’s resignation rather than expecting to be dismissed by Boris Johnson. 

The former chancellor is stated to have held discussions with Labour Brexit spokesman Sir Keir Starmer on how to use legislative mechanisms to hinder attempts to make UK exit EU without an agreement.

Hammond has for some time been an objective of criticism from eurosceptics, who blame him for neglecting to release adequate assets to plan for no-deal Brexit.

The former chancellor dispensed some £4.2 billion for no-deal preparations; however, in just days of assuming office, Johnson had expanded this entirety by a further £2.1 billion to “turbo-charge” the procedure.

The New Cabinet minister who is in charge of the no-deal preparations Michael Gove stated that the Administration was “working on the presumption” that Britain would exit without a deal and it was a “genuine prospect” because EU leaders had not switched their minds about battling the controversial backstop.


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