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Donald Trump discusses trade and foreign policy with Boris Johnson, ere G7 Summit



g7 summit

US President Donald Trump has talked about issues of trade and foreign policy with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson before meeting in the G7 summit.

Trump and Johnson, who are going to meet one another for the first time since the British Prime Minister took office. They have talked a few times over the telephone before the meeting of world pioneers in Biarritz, France.

The two have been compared with each other due to their unique styles and similar hairstyles. The US president has quoted Johnson as “Britain’s Trump” and applauded his administration.

As per 10 Downing Street, the two heads “spoke on the topics for the upcoming summit, including foreign policy concerns and the global trade.”

The meeting in France is essential for Johnson, who is attempting to urge for a renegotiation Brexit deal for exiting the European Union.

PM Boris Johnson will be in the spotlight as the summit in Biarritz. It will be the first meeting he has gone to since becoming UK’s Prime Minister in July. The summit comes at a sensitive and questionable time for the UK as its association with its nearest neighbour Europe experiences a seismic move with Brexit. It also seeks good trade ties with the United States.

The summit is likewise a test for Trump who, before, has found himself incompatible with different pioneers G7 pioneers. At the end of the last meeting in Canada, the American president refused the final consent to by the other G7 affiliates.

PM Johnson is trying to strike a new trade deal with President Trump. UK authorities have underlined that while they are looking for a speedy agreement, they likewise need to be sure that they achieve the best deal. “We need to hurry, yet we need to get the best agreement that works for the two sides,” an administration representative stated. International media reported.


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