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Donald Trump: US’ locked and loaded’ to face attackers of Saudi Abqaiq facility



Saudi Abqaiq facility

On Sunday night, the US president tweeted that he had “reasons to believe that we know the offender” behind the series of strikes on the Abqaiq oil facility, which is the world’s biggest oil handling plant. The attacks upset the more significant part of the kingdom’s oil yield and undoubtedly affect the worldwide supplies. The Guardian reported.

It is the first time that Donald Trump has indicated a potential American military reaction to the assault.

Oil prices flew high in the wake of the assault. It entered six months high on Monday, with increases of as much as 20%. Crude oil, the worldwide benchmark, picked up nearly $12 a barrel coming to up to $71.95 a barrel, ere dropping back to $68 a barrel.

President Trump announced that he had approved the release of oil from the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve “if necessary” and had ordered agencies to expedite endorsements of oil pipeline projects in order to meet the global stock of oil, tweeting: “Plenty of OIL!” The Guardian reported.

The US secretary of state Mike Pompeo asserted at the end of the week that Iran was responsible for the drone attack after Yemen’s Iran-led Houthi rebel group claimed the assault. Later, Pompeo stated there was no proof that the drone attack was carried out by Yemen and blamed Iran for “an extreme assault on the global energy supply.”

According to the CNBC news, “The United States will work with our associates and allies to guarantee that energy markets stay well supplied and Iran is held responsible for its hostility,” stated Pompeo.

Abbas Mousavi, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesperson, reacted irately to Pompeo’s remarks, and said: “Such unprofitable, blind allegations and comments are irrelevant.”

Iran has denied claims of any assault on Saudi oil refinery, with Iranian authorities likewise cautioning that US military supplies in the area were within the line of its missiles. “Pompeo is telling a lie, having disappointed after putting max pressure on us’, Javad Zarif, The Iran foreign minister posted on Twitter.

The US government displayed satellite photographs demonstrating what authorities said were at any rate 19 points of impact at two Saudi energy services, including extreme damage at the kingdom’s primary oil processing plant at Abqaiq. Authorities said the photographs show has implications with the assault originating from the region of Iran or Iraq, as opposed to from Yemen toward the south.

Iraq denied that its region was utilized for an attack on Saudi. US authorities declared a strike from that point would be an infringement of Iraq’s sovereignty.

The US governments said that other devices, which didn’t arrive at their targets, were recouped northwest of the offices and are as a rule together examined by Saudi and American intelligence. The authorities, who talked on conditions of anonymity to investigate insight matters, didn’t address whether the drone could have been shot from Yemen or not. The US authorities have not yet explicitly ruled it out.

As the diplomatic tensions mounted, Trump said in his tweet that the reports that he had been willing to meet Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, before the drone assaults were false. “The Fake News is stating that I will meet with Iran, ‘No ways.’ That is a wrong proclamation (as usual!),” he tweeted on Sunday.

However, political analysts stated that those comments originated from Pompeo and treasury secretary Steve Mnuchin, as five days back Mnuchin said in a television interview that Trump was eager to meet with Rouhani with “no preconditions” during the upcoming UN General Assembly in New York.

Aroused fears about the Middle East crisis and tense relationships between Iran and the United States, strengthened safe-haven assets, with gold up 1% to $1,503.4 per ounce.

Houthi rebels targeted Saudi Arabia’s oilfields and pipelines over the past year; however, never such a high level, and extensive disruption took place. Critics warned that global supplies of crude oil are likely to pay the price of “major blow” following the strike.

Article Credit:- The Guardian/CNBC


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