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Donald Trump warns Iran to change or face more US sanctions



US President Donald Trump

On Tuesday, US President Donald Trump cautioned Iran to end its hostility in the Middle East or else face harder financial sanctions. But there is a left open doors for discussions as European leaders are trying to ease the tensions.

Trump’s comments at the United Nations General Assembly, came as French President Emmanuel Macron urged to end the heightened tensions, and sought a resolution between the US and Iran.

However, hours after Trump’s speech at the UN General Assembly, where he confronted the rising domestic political pressures as Democrats declared they would start indictment procedures over allegations of him looking for administrative assistance from Ukraine. The National reported.

The House Speaker Nancy Pelosi affirmed an investigation was in progress, saying Trump had submitted “an infringement of the law” and that he “must be considered responsible.” Trump reacted by calling the launch of the appeal “witch hunt trash.”

At the UNGA, Germany, France, UK, and Japan held talks independently with Trump and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.

French President Macron drove the diplomatic effort and tried his level best to mediate between the US and Iran, but both the nations stood firm on their ground.

Macron also stated that “If Rouhani doesn’t meet President Trump, this will be a lost chance since he won’t return a couple of months,” The Independent reported.

“What’s more, President Trump won’t go to Tehran, so they need to meet now,” he stated, as Johnson resounded the same.

Donald Trump, in his address at the UN, said: “Iran is blameworthy of its hostility.”

He credited the September 14 assaults on Saudi Aramco oil facilities to Tehran and said the US sanctions are the toughest yet imposed. He added, “As long as Iran’s threatening conduct proceeds, taxes won’t be lifted. They will be hardened,” he stated, condemning Iranian pioneers and reinstating that he believes them to be the world’s leading terrorism sponsorers. The National reported.

The European choice seemed to turn up the pressure on Iranian authorities to acknowledge new conditions on the 2015 atomic deal. Tehran, as of late stopped complying to the deal in light of Trump’s retreat from it a year ago.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif has yielded that the nation is available to augment the current nuclear deal. If the US consented to lift sanctions on Iran, it would focus on progressively inspecting of its atomic locales. We will think of having a dialogue then.

Trump said in response that he stayed by his stance to relinquish the awful Iran deal.

Article Credit:- The National/ The Wall Street Journal/Reuters

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