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Drone Technology Dominates Spending In Almost 100 Countries Worldwide: Report



In the Military Staging Base Army Engineer and Soldiers operating a Drone.

While Recap Erdogan was applauded for his stance for nuclear deterrence around the world at the 75th United Nations General meeting, a report by Brad College (New York) has confirmed that 95 countries own military drones. The report, yet to be released was revealed to Reuters.

The report throws light on the fact that there is a sharp increase from 2010 in the figures and that drone operations are becoming deeply embedded in armed forces worldwide in ways that are changing global security.

State-of-the-art unmanned aerial vehicles are increasingly becoming a popular mode of attack amongst nations in strife. The report also mentions how countries have been investing dolls of money into expanding the infrastructure of military bases, test sites and training academies to support the operation of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drones are being used not only for monitoring and surveillance of enemy territory but are increasingly becoming popular for meeting point-to-point attack strategies aswell.  Drones have been employed repeatedly by Iran backed Houthis to attack Saudi Arabian coalition targets, and were instrumental in the devastating attack on the Saudi Arabian oil reserves recently.

The United States does not hold monopoly anymore, as countries like China, Israel, UAE, Iran to name a few.  Even countries like Azerbaijan and Nigeria, have conducted strikes using unmanned aerial vehicles. Others are working on advanced drone programs. In 2010, an estimated 60 countries had drones that have literally reached a 100 mark in 2019.

The report further confirms that there are at least 21,000 and probably more than 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles in military service worldwide. The report catalogues 171 types of drones in military inventories and 268 military-drone units established by 58 countries.

Drone technology has become so sophisticated, that it uses technology like night vision, low and high altitude fly and strike, thermal sensing, etc. Military analysts explain that drones are increasingly becoming popular because of the ambiguity advantage they give to the opponent.

While through debris, one can make out the make, the reaction time to respond to a potential attack is reduced and damage to the origination point is minimal. It’s a one-sided strike.

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