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Emmanuel Macron takes tough stance on Brexit



Emmanuel Macron

France President Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson together addressed the media in Paris on Thursday. Both the leaders have spoken on the same topic but with different opinions where Boris demanded European Union reopens the Brexit agreement, Macron said that’s not possible.

Macron said Brexit is not the choice of the European Union and “We will not find a new withdrawal agreement within 30 days which will be very different from the existing one.”

Johnson reiterated his stance that the EU must ditch the Irish backstop.

“The Irish backstop (clauses) are not simply technical constraints but vital guarantees for the preservation of stability in Ireland and the integrity of the single market which is the basis of the European Project,” Macron added.

On this Boris said, “when there is a will, there is a way”.

French President said earlier that Britain could become the “junior partner of the United States” after a no-deal Brexit.


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