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Erdogan Is Modern Day Satan On Borders



Erdogan Is Modern Day Satan On Borders

They did it in 2016 and four years later, Turkey stoops to the same inhuman act of using refugees and migrants to meet his political needs. Erdogan indeed has become the new age Satan on his borders as he uses innocent lives and pushes them around on the Turkish borders to meet his own political agenda. Back in 2016, he was heavily criticized by humanitarian organizations and EU nations both for having resorted to such tactics then. This time, the damage is going to be far more, as the world is already reeling under pressure from tackling the outbreak of the coronavirus.

As if history was repeating itself, as the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan opened the floodgates on his borders, letting lose millions of displaced migrants with false hope of better prospects to life on the other side. As if winter was not tough enough to handle, migrants were let off in Turkish sponsored buses to go towards Europe via sea and land routes.

The decision came after an airstrike by Bashar Al Assad’s regime forces in Syria killed 33 Turkish soldiers stationed in the war-torn country’s north-western province of Idlib. Opening the floodgates has been Erdogan’s strategy to win over the geopolitical game being fought in Syria. By doing so, Erdogan continues to put pressure on various EU nations, forcing them to support his war in Syria for a safe zone.

Turkey has been home to 3.7 million refugees since the start of the Syrian civil war. But even though the European Union signed a deal with Ankara four years ago – it provides billions of euros in aid in return for Ankara agreeing to stem the influx of migrants into Europe – President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has often threatened to send some of them westwards unless the forces he backs in Syria receive more help from other countries.

Erdogan’s selfish motives have disturbed dynamics in Europe. He is not only not going to get approval or support, but it also puts into jeopardy the lives of so many civilians who have been on an exodus since the war began eight years ago. It has also exasperated right-winged political movements in Europe.

According to the United Nations, almost 950,000 civilians have been displaced since early December 2019, and more than 300 have been killed, as Turkish-supported and Syrian regime-backed forces battle each other for the only territory that remains out of the regime’s control.

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