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Erdogan Has Transformed Turkey into a Prison



Erdogan Has Transformed Turkey into a Prison

The general elections are scheduled to take place in Turkey soon. As previously, the current President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan is certain to make a power grab and try to retain his power. However, as things stand, it is time for a change in Turkey. The country requires new faces to lead the country and represent it on the international stage. The fact is that under Erdogan, Turkey has become a totalitarian state instead of a modern democracy which it used to be. In fact, Turkey used to be a fine example of democracy in the Middle East. Now, it has become a totalitarian prison under Erdogan. Back in 2016, Erdogan was targeted by a failed coup attempt. Since then, he has embarked on what can be best described as a repression campaign. This campaign of repression targets anybody who Erdogan perceives to be a threat and an enemy to his rule, mainly from the academic, government, press or even law enforcement sectors. Over the years, over 60,000 arrests have taken place while approximately 150,000 have been fired from their jobs.

One of the main targets of Erdogan has been the press. Turkey was once the home of a robust press but it has now fallen sharply. This has been due to the efforts of Erdogan to close down media outlets, suppress dissident voices and, of course, jailing any journalist that dares speak out against the injustice of the system. Turkey is no longer the country it used to be thanks to Erdogan. Its policies have become muddied by the personal agenda of its president. The country’s principles have become blurred while its vision has been lost. This has caused Turkey to lose many of its allies. Instead of friends and peace, Turkey has seen a rise in terrorism. A new leadership is required so that Turkey can effectively combat the rising unrest and eliminate the crises that are gripping the country. The economy of the country is, particularly at risk. Just like Greece during its financial collapse, Turkey may also see its economy shrink by 10%-20%. This puts the future of the country at risk if no action is taken today.

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