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EU Gives Boris Johnson a Two-Week Deadline for Irish Backstop Plan



Irish Backstop Plan

EU leaders have given Boris Johnson a final offer to create another Brexit plan by the end of September or settle for a no-deal. The Independent reported.

According to the Guardian, the deadline was decided at a meeting in Paris on Wednesday evening, comes as the alliance’s primary mediator Michel Barnier advised Johnson to stop pretending to barter.

Boris Johnson has been granted a two-week deadline to table a plan for supplanting the Irish backstop.

On Wednesday, France’s President, Emmanuel Macron, and Finland’s Prime Minister, Antti Rinne, told columnists in Paris that they both were worried about what’s going on in Britain.”

“We have to see what the UK is proposing,” said Rinne, whose nation as of now holds the EU’s rotating administration. “It is irresponsible to do loose talks about proposals for negotiations … The UK should make its conceivable proposals very soon if they wanted them to be examined.”

Due date of 30 September would be uncertain for the PM as it falls on the eve of the Conservative party conference, and it stays to be seen whether the EU will adhere to the risk.

Johnson would be careful about demonstrating his hand at such a risky point, given the conceivably negative response by his party to any development towards the EU’s demands on the backstop.

Rinne stated that he planned to address the European council president, Donald Tusk, and Johnson to examine the requirement for quick action from the UK.

EU members need a clear run for negotiations before a summit on 17 October so they need not participate in comprehensive talks on the subject and can nod through any deal.

Johnson addressed the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, over the telephone on Wednesday afternoon. A Downing Street representative told they talked about their sustained measures to reach a deal. They additionally examined their lunch meeting in Luxembourg on Monday, which was defined as “positive and helpful.”

During the lunch meeting, Johnson had expressed shock to his counsels when he was informed about the scale of checks that would still be required on the island of Ireland under a deal which the legislature has brought up for the Irish border.

EU officials said the preferred position for them had been in having the option to explain the issues legitimately to the leader. “It appears to have helped the penny drop,” said one political source. The Guardian reported.

During talks with Juncker and the EU’s chief arbitrator, Michel Barnier, the PM was explained in detail how enabling Northern Ireland to adhere to standard EU rules on food and domesticated animals, known as sanitary and phytosanitary measures (SPS), would however fail to bypass checks on the vast majority of assets that cross the Irish border.

The Downing Street has depicted as “nonsense” a report in the Financial Times that Johnson went to his chief arbitrator, David Frost, and the Brexit secretary, Stephen Barclay, and stated: “So you’re revealing to me the SPS plan doesn’t tackle the issue of the traditions?”

In his speech to the European Parliament on Wednesday, Juncker indicated the issues that remained. “I have no passionate connection to the backstop,” he stated after his discussions with Johnson. “However, I clarified that I do have a private responsibility to its destinations.”

Given the full space between the two sides, Juncker additionally expressed uncertainties about the likelihood that a mutually agreeable replacement for the Irish backstop board would concur before 31 October when Johnson has said the UK would leave, “no its or no buts.”

Article Credit:- BBC/The Independent/The Guardian

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