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EU lists out no-deal Brexit preparation directions



No deal brexit

European Commission lists out formal directions to its member nations to make arrangement coping up with Britain’s exit from the bloc without a deal. Though nothing has been said formally the months of failed negotiations between the UK and EU made the no-deal exit a certain possibility. The UK would leave the Union on 31 October 2019. EU reiterated the warning call to all the shareholders and business persons in its 27 member nations, by releasing its 6th Brexit preparedness Communication on Wednesday.

To order to make the no-deal Brexit chaos manageable, the Commission published a detailed checklist for the EU citizens, who were doing business with the UK, to double-check their state of readiness. The checklist included the transfer of certificates, authorisation, regulatory issues, labels and markings, the preferential tariff for the third party, licenses, custom duties and procedures, trademark issues, value-added tax, contracts and background checks. Besides the checklist, the Commission also put out 100 stakeholder notices, covering a wide range of sectors. 

Since no-deal is considered as a ‘natural disaster’ by the Commission, the document said, “The European Solidarity Fund and the European Globalisation Adjustment Fund are available to support businesses, workers and Member States most affected by a ‘no-deal’ scenario. These proposals need to be agreed by the European Parliament and the Council.”

The document added that even if the Withdrawal Agreement got ratified, businesses need to be prepared as in any case after 31 December 2020, as after that the EU rules for the internal market and the EU Customs Union would no longer be applied to the UK.

The Commission also proposed to make some adjustments to specific contingency measures, mainly on three areas, including transportation, fishing activities and EU budget.

With regard to Ireland, Commission said that it would stick to the backstop solution mentioned in the Withdrawal Agreement, which ‘ensures compliance with international law obligations and preserves the integrity of its internal market’.

A similar information campaign was launched by the UK government, on Sunday, urging the British citizens to “get ready for Brexit”. Michael Gove, one of the senior Conservative leader and charge of no-deal plans, said the advertisements of the campaign encourage “shared responsibility” for preparedness among UK public to leave the EU on 31 October.


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