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EU is ‘unimpressed’ by no-deal Brexit threats



Michel Barnier said in an interview with BBC that ‘The UK will face the consequences’ if a no-deal Brexit happens.

He said that the UK was well aware of the way the EU works and that Europe was never impressed by the no-deal threats. He added that it’s not useful use such a threat.

Barnier was speaking with BBC just before the Conservative Party leadership contest, as Boris Johnson has many times hinted that he would leave the EU with or without a deal on October 31st.

The EU has said that will not renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement signed by the current UK government and if Johnson wins the UK crisis could worsen even more as UK’s parliament could try to bloc a no-deal Brexit.

Bernier said that the only way to leave is an orderly manner.

Frans Timmermans, EU Commission vice president, told the BBC that UK’s ministers didn’t really had a plan  for Brexit and was shocked by the standards of the British negotiation. He joked about it saying that they were expecting some kind of magic Harry Potter book with all the tricks and answers in it.


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