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EU willing to give Brexit an extension to boost the crucial upcoming summit



European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker gives a statement on the Brexit extension

Jean-Claude Juncker has addressed the possibilities of a Brexit extension beyond 31 October as EU authorities downplayed the probabilities of a leap forward in time during the current week’s crucial summit.

As discussions on Johnson’s most recent Brexit proposition proceeded in Brussels, the European commission president stated that if it were sought, then he would back a prolongation of the UK’s membership.

“It depends upon the Brits to choose if they will request an extension,” Juncker told the Austrian paper the Kurier on Sunday. “However, if Boris Johnson were to request additional time – which likely he won’t – I would think of it as unhistoric to deny such a solicitation.” The Guardian reported.

On Sunday noon, Johnson updated his cabinet about the condition of the dealings with Brussels before a represent the moment of truth week for his prevalence.

The PM as yet wants to gain enough ground at a European Council meeting on Thursday to hold a Commons vote on his Brexit plan next weekend.

In the wake of showing what aides called a “last offer” to the EU27 in his party meeting speech, Johnson signalled to Dublin that he was prepared to make noteworthy concessions on the eventual status of Northern Ireland.

Last Thursday, since Johnson and the Irish taoiseach met on the Wirral, authorities have been taking a shot at an understanding that would, as a result, keep Northern Ireland in the UK’s traditions domain yet apply EU duty rates at its outer borders.

The proposal looks similar to Theresa May’s “new customs partnership,” yet for Northern Ireland alone instead of the entire UK.

Twelve British authorities led by Johnson’s central mediator, David Frost, were in discussions with the European commission’s Brexit taskforce on Sunday; however, sources in Brussels minimized the probability of a significant leap forward.

EU authorities have secretly cautioned that best-case scenario a “specialized extension” taking the UK’s membership of the bloc beyond 31 October will be essential to work through the subtleties of Johnson’s new way to progress with the matter of customs.

Talking on Sunday, Ireland’s agriculture minister Michael Creed, a senior member from Varadkar’s cabinet, stated: There are incredibly important issues to be tended to here. We are not there, though.”

Brexit is required to be high on the motivation when the French president, Emmanuel Macron, has the German chancellor, Angela Merkel, at a supper at the Élysée Palace on Sunday evening.

Brexiters fervently dismissed May’s traditions plan as unreasonable. Jacob Rees-Mogg, the then seat of the hardline European Research Group of Tory MPs, depicted it as “totally cretinous, unfeasible, bureaucratic and a selling out of the presence of mind.” The Guardian reported.

However, Rees-Mogg, who is currently the pioneer of the House of Commons, clarified on Sunday that he and different leavers were ready to settle the matter. He added, that “Boris Johnson is … someone who even the most curve Eurosceptic, even an individual from the Brexit party, can trust and believe in,” The Guardian reported.

Asked by Sophy Ridge on Sky News if need to try to go back on what said on the possibility of a customs partnership, Rees-Mogg included: “I don’t have a clue yet there’s a line from Churchill saying he’d often eat his own words and he thought that it was a healthy diet. This usually occurs in political issues, yet it is an issue of trust and about  the direction, we are heading.”

In any case, government insiders stay careful about the probability of verifying an agreement that could be put to the Commons on Saturday – and winning a dominant part for it.

Article Credit:- The Guardian

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