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European Union requested by BIC-RHR conference to stop Iran from getting nuclear warhead



European Union requested by BIC-RHR conference to stop Iran from getting nuclear warhead


The Brussels International Center for Research and Human Rights had a conference on the dangerous role that is being played by Iran in the Middle East. This conference, titled “Iran’s Role in a Troubled Middle East: Structuring a new European stance”, took place on the 5th of June, 2018 at the European Parliament in Brussels.
Several notable speakers and stalwarts in the field of international diplomacy took the stage to discuss Iran. A number of key decisions and recommendations were made. Some of them are as follows.

The European Union was requested by the conference to work on stopping Iran from getting nuclear warheads. This is essential in order to maintain peace and security not only regionally but also internationally.
Iran must also be made to completely stop interfering in the affairs of the other countries by means of proxy wars. It will also have to stop threatening its neighbors. The conference has also stated that Iran needs to withdraw its military units from the various neighboring countries it is threatening.
It is imperative that Iran stops providing arms to militias. It needs to stop delivering financial and logistical support to groups that are fighting legitimate governments. What is surprising is that Iran does not even bother covering its role in providing support to militias which are opposing governments.
The conference has called for establishing a committee that will investigate the human rights violations by Iran. The committee wills also be investigation other issues such as the suppression of minorities, discriminations based on religion and race and also the abuse of women in the country of Iran by its government.
It has also been noted by the conference that Iran intervenes secretly in matters of other countries but fails to address its own problems. Iran is gripped by several political, economic and domestic challenges. There have also been several uprisings against the current regime. These uprisings were suppressed by the government violently, leaving numerous injuries and even casualties among the citizens.
The conference has noted that the current Iran nuclear deal is by no means sufficient. It does not determine the complex nature of Iranian international politics. As such, it needs to be improved.
The conference acknowledged that Iran’s policies towards the neighboring countries are a major source of concern. Its ballistic missile program is a significant worry as well.
The speakers at the conference has concluded that the European Union has the ability to be firm against Iran, especially considering the country’s poor record when it comes to human rights violations. As such, the EU needs to step up and ensure that Iran’s dangerous ambitions are properly contained.

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